• Artwork:Music Sticks
  • Artist:Warwick Gosam Budgjala
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Music Sticksby Warwick Gosam Budgjala

Music sticks or Clapsticks are used to serve the purpose of maintaining rhythm with Aboriginal voice chants. As an ancestral instrument that may trandtionally accompany the digeridoo. Music sticks are often made from mulga wood and decorated with paint or burnt using hot wire to create patterns and symbols to tell stories of the Dreamtime.

  • Artist:Warwick Gosam Budgjala
  • Title:Music Sticks
  • ID:WG13015260
  • Medium:Mulga Wood
  • Size:24 x cm
  • Region:Queensland


My name is Warick Gosam. I am a descendant of the DJIRBALNGNAN Tribe from North Queenland. My sknin name is BUDGJALA. This mean flat rocks, the rock where my people once painted on. The DJIRBALNGAN tribe runs from east of the Great Diving Range down to Innisfail and upper Tully heads through Cardwell.

We are in the JIRRBUL language clan which takes in a total of 6 tribes. 

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