• Artwork:Ininti Seed Necklace
  • Artist:Warlukurlangu Artists
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Ininti Seed Necklaceby Warlukurlangu Artists

This beautiful hand painted necklace measures 50cm in length and is comprised of Ininti Seeds and gum nuts pods. The production of necklaces is a seasonal occupation which is mainly carried out by the women in a community. In the desert regions of Australia seed production and development are dependent on sufficient rainfalls. The seeds and pods are gathered for necklace making. Ininti is a native tree that grows in the Western Desert of Central Australia. The Ininti tree thrives in sandy areas close to creeks and dry river beds. The seeds come in a range of colours including deep reds, oranges and creams. The fire is used constantly throughout the process of making jewellery, a sharpened wire is placed in the fire until it is red hot. Once hot the wire is used to poke holes through the seeds. Jewellery such as necklaces are also an extremely important component in Australian Aboriginal culture. 

  • Artist:Warlukurlangu Artists
  • Title:Ininti Seed Necklace
  • ID:048
  • Medium:Ininti Seeds
  • Size:50 cm Ø
  • Region:Yuendumu, Central Australia


Warlukurlangu Artists of Yuendumu is an art centre run from Yuendumu Community approximately 290km from Alice Springs in Central Australia. It was developed in 1985 and is one of the longest running Aboriginal owned art centres in Central Australia. 

The art centre features the artwork and craft of anyone within the two Indigenous communities of Yuendumu and Nyirripi. Anyone who does engage is referred to as an ‘artist’ whether they have just started painting or have been painting for many years.

Artists actively participate in the ongoing development of the organisation. The management of the art centre works hard to create a space where the artists feel safe, comfortable and happy to come together to paint and share their knowledge. There are over 600 artists currently participating. Some come every day and some may do only one or two paintings a year.

People also come from other nearby outlying communities, Yuelumu, Laramba, Willowra and Alice Springs to sell craft items through the centre. If people from any of these communities are in Yuendumu visiting family they are also welcome to participate in the activities of the art centre.


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