• Artwork:Desert Boomerang
  • Artist:Sandy Dodd
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Desert Boomerangby Sandy Dodd

The Central and Western Desert kali or boomerang is a non-returning one and usually crafted from wanari, mulga wood. It is used for hunting and fighting and in pairs as a percussive instrument for inma or ceremony. Size and shape differ according to the individual craftsman.

  • Artist:Sandy Dodd
  • Title:Desert Boomerang
  • ID:Co51D2
  • Medium:Mulga Wood
  • Size:71 x 10 cm
  • Region:Uluru, Central Australia


Sandy Dodd is wati Anangu, an Aboriginal man from the Central  Desert area of Australia. Sandy has learnt to carve through his father Sammy Dodd, residing together with a whole family of esteemed carvers at the Mimili Community in the APY Lands, South Australia. His skills have been passed on through the Tjukurpa, the Law and way of life governing his country.

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