• Artwork:Wirrulnga
  • Artist:Ningura Napurrula
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Wirrulngaby Ningura Napurrula

The roundels on this cover depicts the site of Wirrulnga, a rock-hole site in a small rocky outcrop east of the Kiwirrkura community in Western Australia.  In mythological times a group of ancestral woman of the Napaltjarri and Napurrula kinship subsections, represented by the U shapes camped at this site after travelling from the rock-hole site of Ngaminya further west.  Wirrulnga is a site which is associated with birth and the lines adjacent to the roundels symbolise the extended shape of a pregnant woman of the Napaltjarri kinship subsection who gave birth at the site. The grid-like shapes depict the pull (rocky outcrops) at this site

While at Wirrulnga the women also made spun hair-string with which to make Nyimparra (Hair-string skirts), which are worn during ceremonies. 

  • Artist:Ningura Napurrula
  • Title:Wirrulnga
  • ID:NN025
  • Medium:Hard cover A5 approx 112 blank pages
  • Size:16 x 22 cm
  • Region:Kintore, Western Desert


Ningura Napurrula Gibson was born c. 1938 at Watulka in Western Australia, south of Kiwirrkurra Aboriginal community. Ningura Napurrula moved to Papunya in the early days of the settlement with her husband Yala Yala Gibbs Tjungurrayi,(passed away), who was a highly respected Pintupi elder who held significant knowledge of his countries Dreaming stories. In 1996 she was part of a group of elderly women from Kintore and Kiwirrkura who began painting for Papunya Tula Artists in their own right. Characteristic of her work is a strong dynamism and rich linear design-compositions created with heavy layers of Acrylic paint.

Ningura Napurrula participated in an initial Papunya Tula Artists exhibition in 1996 and she has been featured in several group shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Darwin in 1999. She had her first solo exhibition with William Mora Aboriginal Art in 2000, and participated in the impressive Kintore Women's Painting for the Papunya Tula retrospective at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Ningura Napurrula was part of the original group of the higher-ranking women from “Kintore” and “Kiwirrkurra” who began painting for the Papunya Tula Artists which founded the Aboriginal Art Movement in 1971.

Ningura Napurrula work is described as dynamic, abounding strong lines with powerful colour and composition. Ningura is one of the most important and Australia's most collectable artists (Australian Art Collector no. 37) represented in Europe’s most important public museum Musée du quai Branly in Paris and Australian National galleries. Commissioned for Musée du quai Branly ceiling as one of the world famous Michelangelo Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Ningura Napurrula signature work is superimposed eternally on the ceiling of the Paris museum's building "Musée du quai Branly" for the future generations to appreciate it.

Sadly, Ningura is unwell and almost blind. Her work is in very high demand by international as well as Australian collectors. She has exhibited extensively within Australia and around the world.

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Artist has Passed Away


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