• Artwork:Jarringgel
  • Artist:Mick Jawalji
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Jarringgelby Mick Jawalji

The cover of this notebook features an reproduction artwork image by known Aboriginal artist Mick Jawalji. The title of the artwork is Jarringgel, the flying fox whom lives in Geelong Hole, south of Tableland Station in Mick Jawalji's country. At Geelong Hole, a large waterhole on the Little Fitzroy River there are lots of flying foxes. Geelong Hole is in Mick Jawalji's country , south of Tableland Station.Jarringgel is the word for flying fox in Gija the language of Mick Jawalji and his country. The black triangular shapes on the painting are the flying fox wings flapping. The diagonal white line is a track to 'make 'em good'. The yellow shapes are country. Flying foxes used to be hunted. People would use nawulu, club and throw it into the trees where the flying foxes were hanging.

This Art notebook would make a special gift for someone who enjoys and appreciates Australian Aboriginal Art. This notebook can be used as a diary.

  • Artist:Mick Jawalji
  • Title:Jarringgel
  • ID:AB018
  • Medium:Hard cover A5 approx 112 blank pages
  • Size:16 x 22 cm
  • Region:Kimberley, Western Australia


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