• Artwork:Water Bird
  • Artist:Long Maggie Nakamarra White
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Aboriginal Designed Scarf

Water Birdby Long Maggie Nakamarra White

The original painting inspiring this print is titled Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming). It depicts the Dreamtime story of two rainmakers who sang to create a storm. The storm was carried across the desert country by a falcon. When the storm fell to the ground a large lake was formed.

Please note this kaftan comes in one size.

  • Artist:Long Maggie Nakamarra White
  • Title:Water Bird
  • ID:MFAS01006
  • Medium:Print on Silk
  • Size:1 x 1 cm
  • Region:Yuendumu, Central Australia


Long Maggie Nakamarra White was born in c. 1930 and comes from Yuendumu Community approximately 300km from Alice Springs in Central Australia. She received her name because of her tall and slim stature. Maggie began painting in 1987 with Warlukurlangu Artists, a local Aboriginal art centre based in Yuendumu. She paints several Dreamining including Ngapa, Karnte and Jardiwanpa. 

Maggie is one of Warlukurlangu's most distinguished artists and her artworks have been exhibited in musuems and art galleries around Australia and internationally in the USA, England, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

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