• Artwork:Bush Tucker Dreaming
  • Artist:Julie Paige
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Bush Tucker Dreamingby Julie Paige

Bush tucker, also called bush-food, is any food native to Australia and used as sustenance by Aboriginal people of Central Australia, but it can also describe any native fauna or flora used for culinary or medicinal purposes, regardless of the continent or culture. Animal native foods include kangarooemuwitchetty grubs and plant foods include fruits such as quandongkutjera, spices such as lemon myrtle and vegetables such as warrigal greens and various native yams.

  • Artist:Julie Paige
  • Title:Bush Tucker Dreaming
  • ID:JP026
  • Medium:Hard cover A5 approx 112 blank pages
  • Size:16 x 22 cm
  • Region:Central Australia


Julie Unguna Paige is a Central Australian Aboriginal Artist.  Julie has been painting for 22 years for various galleries and private buyers. She has also designed T-shirts and been commissioned to do large murals. Julie was taught by her Mother and Aunt.

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