• Artwork:Sand Goanna
  • Artist:Carol Young
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Sand Goannaby Carol Young

Sand goannas, live in the sandhills and plains country and  have always been an important source of kuka (meat) for Anangu of this area. They are still hunted in the spring and summer time when they have ended their underground hibernation and can easily be tracked across the red sands.   They are also among the most widely carved of animals on the lands. Being such a highly prized food it’s no wonder that close study of its every move for centuries has led to it being so widely carved on the lands in the last few decades.


  • Artist:Carol Young
  • Title:Sand Goanna
  • ID:CY011
  • Medium:Mulga Wood
  • Size:22 x 11 cm Ø
  • Region:APY Lands, South Australia


Aboriginal artist Carol Young was born in 1972 in Alice Springs and spend her childhood on the Pipalyatjara community, which is located in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands in South Australia. The Anangu people speak Pitjantjatjara as their first language. Carol's mother's homelands is Warbuton in Western Australia.  Carol is an artist who paints at the Ninuku Arts centre and is also a talented basket weaver.


As a traditional Aboriginal woman Carol is a custodian of Dreamtime stories associated with her country and cosmology that has been passed through generations. She has strong connections and intimate knowledge of her culture, which is shares in her paintings.  

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