Resale Royalty Scheme for Australian Artists

Resale Royality 207x 170.

The Resale Royalty Scheme came into effect on 9 June 2010. The Scheme requires a royalty to be paid to the Copyright Agency Limited ("CAL") when Australian Indigenous Artworks are re-sold. CAL is then responsible for distributing the royalty to the artist or their heirs. The Scheme only applies to artworks acquired by the seller after 9 June 2010. The royalty is calculated as 5% of the sale price.

Whilst most of the Artworks displayed on this website were acquired prior to 9 June 2010 you must be aware that if you purchase these Artworks then a royalty will be payable by you when you ultimately re-sell them. As such, when deciding to sell the works you should factor the royalty into the sale price.

Central Art has acquired artworks since 9 June 2010. Where those works are displayed for sale on this website we have factored the royalty into the sale price to ensure the listed sale price is ultimately the price you will pay for the artwork. Central Art will then pay the royalty to CAL"

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