Wardapi Jukurrpa - Yarumayi

Wardapi Jukurrpa Yarumayi

This Wardapi Jukurrpa or Goanna Dreaming comes from an area to the east of Yuendumu Community in Central Australia called Yarumyi. It is a place of importance for it's ochre deposits and as a site for collecting ceremonial stones. The custodians of the Wardapi Jukurrpa are the Nungarrayi and Napaljarri women and the Jungarrayi and Japaljarri men of Warlpiri country. This story tells of the return of the custodians of this Dreaming to collect ceremonial stones that represent the "Ngipiri" (Eggs) of the Wardapi ancestors in their ceremonies.

In contemporary Warlpiri paintings traditional iconography is used to represent the Jukurrpa, particular sites and other elements. This includes the Wardapi ancestors returning home to their sacred sites. Concentric circles can illustrate Wardapi holes and the droppings they leave. Wardapi tracks are usually represented by a W shape or rounded shapes.

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