Interview with Malcolm Jagamara (Lander River)


Malcolm Maloney Jagamarra shares with Sabine Haider the story details of the artwork Lander River.  The Lander River is 200 miles north-west of Alice Springs in Central Australia.  The Lander River is the birthplace of Malcolm Maloney Jagamarra as well as a significant site to the Warlpiri Aboriginal people. It is at this place where ceremonies, sacred songs, dance cycles and Dreaming's emerged.   The Lander River flows relatively frequently; has a number of long-lasting (but not permanent) waterholes and swamps;and supports the longest area of braided flood-out inNorthern Territory arid zone. The east and west shores of the Lake are marked by some of the largest sanddunes in the Northern Territory, which rise 2 metresabovethe surrounding plains. The Lake is largely wooded by white-trucked coolabah Eucalyptus victrix

Malcolm Jagamarra 2009 Bio
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