Balgo Hills Aboriginal Art: Aboriginal Paintings from the Western Desert


Balgo Hills (Wirrimanu) is the ceremonial hub for several indigenous clans from the Kimberley and Western Desert (Kutjungka) and is on the Luurnpa (kingfisher) Dreaming track.

As a result of this melting pot of several different cultural groups, the Balgo Aboriginal artists have a uniqueness and vitality to their art. They are well known for their dynamic, daring and challenging styles, vibrant use of colour and strong iconic imagery.

The Balgo art community is a small community with less than 200 artists painting regularly and the work is highly sort after.

Central Art Aboriginal Art Store has a very keen interest in the Balgo art having represented Eubena Nampitjin one of the best known artists from this region. Kurri Kurri, a large painting depicting the significant sites in her country is painted in her signature style of intense red, orange and pink.

Eubena Nampitjin's work has been exhibited in Galleries around the world including national Galleries in Australasia, the Kelton Foundation in Los Angeles, Levi-Kaplan Collection in Seattle and the Thomas Vroom collection in Amsterdam.

Eubena's work however is becoming rarer as she spends less time painting and more time in her country undertaking her role and responsibility as an esteemed law woman.

But Central Art looks forward to the next generation of art that is emerging under her influence and will soon be presenting new Balgo Aboriginal Paintings from this region.

We will also be obtaining further works from Eubena Naptijin.

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